App Guardian: An App Level Protection Against RIG Attacks

Stealing of sensitive information from apps is always considered to be one of the most critical threats to Android security. Recent studies show that this can happen even to the apps without explicit implementation flaws, through exploiting some design weaknesses of the operating system, e.g., shared communication channels such as Bluetooth, and side channels such as memory and network-data usages. In all these attacks, a malicious app needs to run side-by-side with the target app (the victim) to collect its runtime information.…

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Finding Unknown Malice in 10 Seconds: Mass Vetting for New Threats at the Google-Play Scale

Our malware detection platform, MassVet, detected over 100,000 potentially harmful apps (PHA). Among them, 10,000 PHAs are missed by VirusTotal. MassVet can also detect app piracy in a large scale, over millions of apps, in seconds. For more details, please refer to our paper. Or you can use MassVet to analyze Android apps at Android Malware Detection Platform.


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